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San Diego Latino Film Festival


108 mins


UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas Hazard Center
March 19, 2014 5:30 pm


An assemblage of captivating, bold, and gorgeously rendered short documentaries from Latino filmmakers worldwide.

In This Program

  1. ¡Adíos Padresitos!

    Javier Macipe / Documentary Shorts / Ecuador/ Spain / 2013 / Documentary / 29 mins
    A group of priests living in the Sucumbios Province of Ecuador, an area rich in petroleum, receive a letter from the Vatican asking them to vacate their posts immediately. A new order is put in their place who value “Tradition, Family, and Property” above everything else, and are complicit in the destruction of the natural habitat for capitalistic gains. One of the priests who is initially asked to leave, begins a hunger strike in protest.

  2. Aún Nos Queda El Recuerdo

    Mariano Rentería Garnica / Documentary Shorts / Mexico / 2012 / Documentary / 18 mins
    A portrait of Morelia’s independent movie theaters of the past, the elderly individuals who reminisce fondly about them, and the local film enthusiasts fighting to keep the cult of cinema alive in an attempt to restore the city’s long-lost affinity for films.

  3. Hombres de Barro

    Luis Abraham González Roch / Documentary Shorts / Mexico / 2013 / Documentary / 10 mins
    Don Pedro and Don Francisco are two local artisans from San Felipe, Guanajuato who look back upon more prosperous times. As they recall better days, they attempt to come to terms with being forgotten by a society that does not revere and prioritize pottery.

  4. The Mayor

    Theo Rigby / Documentary Shorts / U.S. / 2013 / Documentary / 11 mins
    Paul Bridge, a Republican mayor in Georgia, takes a stance against harsh anti-immigrant laws as a result of his close ties with a family comprised of undocumented individuals. What results is a beautifully rendered examination on the constantly evolving definition of a “family unit” and its importance.

  5. Minerita

    Raúl De La Fuente / Documentary Shorts / Bolivia/Spain / 2013 / Documentary / 27 mins
    Lucía, Ivone, and Abigail work as night watchwomen or inside the mines in Cerro Rico in Potosí, Bolivia. It is a lawless territory where the male miners feel entitled to have their way with the local females after risking their lives working the mines day after day. The women struggle to survive their circumstances using the only two tools available to them: courage and dynamite.

  6. Un Paraíso

    Jaysha Patel / Documentary Shorts / Cuba / 2013 / Documentary / 13 mins
    A family copes with the suicide of a loved one in a region of Cuba with a disproportionate rate of suicide among its inhabitants.

Dates & Times


UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas Hazard Center
March 19, 2014 5:30 pm