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San Diego Latino Film Festival

¡Viva Mujeres!

101 mins


UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas Hazard Center
March 23, 2014 1:00 pm


A celebration of women filmmakers changing the landscape of cinema with their thought-provoking, unique, and necessary short films.

In This Program

  1. Adán

    Paloma Martinez / Narrative Shorts / Mexico/ U.S. / 2013 / Drama / 18 mins
    Adán is abducted by a Mexican cartel and is pushed to make his first kill as a young assassin. If he disobeys, he risks putting his family’s life in danger. Adán must decide whether to maintain his humanity intact or become a killer himself.

  2. Alianza

    Camilla Mantovani / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2013 / Drama / 15 mins
    Maribel returns home after her father’s funeral. There, she discovers secrets about him through her mother, making her question everything she knew about the man she so dearly loved.

  3. Des(Pecho)Trucción

    María Ruiz / Narrative Shorts / Venezuela / 2013 / Comedy Showcase / 11 mins
    She wants to forget about her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel. The procedure? Total obliteration of all physical and emotional memories of him. The result? Freedom. ¡VIVA MUJERES!

  4. Dolores

    Tatiana Villacob Meléndez / Narrative Shorts / Colombia / 2012 / Drama / 13 mins
    Dolores Salinas makes a living praying for the soldiers who have passed away fighting for conservative ideals during a civil war. Her belief system is challenged when she receives the body of her own son, a serviceman for the liberal faction of the battle.

  5. El Bosón de Higgs

    Cristina G. Molina / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2013 / Romantic Comedy / 10 mins
    Carlos, a scientist who works with the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, finds a way to harness its powers in order to travel back in time to win his ex-girlfriend back after their break-up.

  6. Gajes del Oficio

    Mariana Gironella / Narrative Shorts / Mexico / 2013 / Comedy Showcase / 12 mins
    The day his daughter turns 15, a taxi driver decides to work a short shift as he makes his way around town picking up last minute supplies for the party. However, an unexpected passenger and an absurd turn of events may impede him from getting to his daughter’s Quinceañera on time.

  7. Hermanas

    Cristina Kotz Cornejo / Narrative Shorts / Mexico / 2013 / Drama / 14 mins
    An unfortunate eviction causes further emotional turmoil between two sisters. As Lupe prepares for the big move, Luz uses this opportunity to go further down a self-destructive path mitigated by her boyfriend. Lupe and Luz must learn to reconcile the judgment they have for one another, if they hope to salvage their volatile relationship.

  8. Lula

    Vanessa Batista / Narrative Shorts / Cuba / 2013 / Drama / 8 mins
    A precocious 4 year old is aware that the world around her is falling apart due to war. During a walk on the beach, she asks her mother, “What is war?” The answer unfolds poetically in this lyrically powerful short film.

Dates & Times


UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas Hazard Center
March 23, 2014 1:00 pm