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2015 San Diego Latino Film Festival

Cronicas Españolas

97 mins

Cortos Españoles 

AMC Fashion Valley 18
March 19, 2015 5:00 pm Buy Tickets


An array of energetic, whimsical and imaginative shorts that are considered the best to come out of Spain this past year.

In This Program

  1. Anomalo

    Aitor Gutierrez / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Comedy / 16 mins
    Three elderly men have fun spying on a woman in her apartment through binoculars, from a covered swimming pool in a sports centre. One day, Luis, Dario and Pedro witness an incident that can’t be undone.

  2. Don Miguel

    Kote Camacho / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Drama / 6 mins
    Eugenio desperately needs a co-signer for a loan he has applied for at the local bank. With an ax in hand, Eugenio makes his way to his Don Miguel’s pharmacy to ask him for a signature.  Don Miguel, a reasonable man who isn’t easily intimidated, finds a way to help Eugenio without risking his pharmacy.

  3. La peste

    Victor Fornies / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Drama / 15 mins
    Irene wants to be seen as just another girl by the men in her town. Unfortunately, due to her job at the local slaughterhouse, Irene feels like the men don’t find her attractive and see her as just one of the guys.

  4. Lila

    Carlos Lascano / Narrative Shorts / Spain/Argentina / 2014 / Comedy / 9 mins
    Armed with only her sketchbook and a pencil, Lila ventures into the world convinced she has the power to make it a better place. Sitting at a bar, hanging out at a park, or walking down a street,  Lila draws the lines that fill in the magic lost by those around her.

  5. Sajara

    Juan Martinez / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Comedy, Drama / 19 mins
    Jaime and Lucia have an important matter to discuss with their daughter over dinner. However, their daughter and her boyfriend arrive with news of their own.

  6. Sin Respuesta

    Miguel Parra / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Drama / 10 mins
    Lola is a phone operator, specializing in debt collection for a financial institution. With the ease of dealing with debtors exclusively over the phone, Lola has a cold and strict demeanor. One day, Lola picks up her boyfriend’s phone and hears very familiar words.

  7. Te escucho

    Jorge Blas / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Drama, Romance / 9 mins
    Raul slowly unravels the mystery behind his mother’s death, with the help of his deceased father’s ghost.

  8. Transito

    Macarena Astorga / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Thriller / 13 mins
    Paul is speeding and on the phone, on his way to an important meeting. His car suddenly breaks down leaving him stranded near an empty town.

Dates & Times

Cortos Españoles 

AMC Fashion Valley 18
March 19, 2015 5:00 pm Buy Tickets