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2015 San Diego Latino Film Festival

Relatos Latinos

100 mins

Relatos Latinos

AMC Fashion Valley 18
March 17, 2015 5:00 pm Buy Tickets


An assemblage of films on courage, perseverance, and coming of age from Latinos around the world.

In This Program

  1. Eustacia

    Diego Camilo Figueroa / Narrative Shorts / Venezuela / 2014 / Drama / 14 mins
    Eustacia learns her oldest son is moving to a different city, very far away from her. Frightened by the thought of being lonely, Eustacia concocts an eerie plan to make sure her youngest son never leaves home.

  2. Foley Artist

    Toni Bestard / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Drama / 18 mins
    A sound technician who specializes in foley effects, has a small accident that forces him to work from home for a few days. During that time, a new neighbor moves into the building across from him, and becomes his new sound muse.

  3. I Don’t Say Goodbye, I Say See You Soon

    Giuliana Monteiro / Narrative Shorts / Brazil / Uruguay / 2014 / Drama / 16 mins
    Living in small village located along the roadside of Minas Gerais, 10-year old Antonio dreams of meeting his father who drives a bright red trailer truck. Trailer trucks come and go, but his father never arrives. Until one day, a truck with the same characteristics passes by and Antonio decides to chase it.

  4. Os Meninos Do Rio

    Javier Macipe / Narrative Shorts / Portugal/Spain / 2014 / Drama / 14 mins
    In the riverside neighborhood of Oporto, the local children prove their courage by jumping from the first level of the Luis I bridge into the Douro River. Leo is teased by the older children because he’s never jumped before. One day, in order to impress his neighbor and win her heart, Leo decides to jump from the bridge’s highest level.

  5. A perro flaco

    Laura Ferres / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Drama / 19 mins
    Leo’s life is in chaos. She lost her job and she’s in love with someone who doesn’t love her back anymore. When her mother has no choice but to leave her dog in Leo’s care, Leo sees it as an opportunity to demonstrate to her mother that she can be responsible.

  6. Un Lugar Mejor

    Marisa Crespo & Moises Romera / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Drama / 3 mins
    Thimbo wants to be a football player. Malik dreams of managing his own business. Demba just thinks of going to a better place.

  7. Zarautzen Erosi Zuen

    Aitor Arregi / Narrative Shorts / Spain / 2014 / Drama / 16 mins
    Miren is a quiet, timid person. Due to her personality, people tend to overlook her or take advantage of her. When a blouse is stolen from her store, Miren decides that it’s the last straw, and she’ll take matters into her own hands.

Dates & Times

Relatos Latinos

AMC Fashion Valley 18
March 17, 2015 5:00 pm Buy Tickets